This is the story of a girl. (I very much still consider myself part of that world.) These are the thoughts, stories, and downright rants worth writing home about.  A journey of awkward and whimsical self-discovery on the tail end of my rip-roaring twenties. It is above all, about self-preservation and love. About never (again) losing sight of the inner clockworks that keep you balanced and feeling whole.

Here are the down and dirty dry bits. I am a newly re-attached, (or maybe a “slightly-less-than-new entangled” is a better fit, if you will) girl in the world at age 27. I self-describe my social persona to be somewhere between an introspect with a slightly off kilter social anxiety disorder and Zoey Deschanel. (Quick, say a prayer.) Lost for a long time in a life that was brain-draining my daily existence. We’ll get back to how I found myself, but welcome to the aftermath.


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